SHOWER THE BRIDE with unique gifts and fun!

Pottery painting showers are easy to do... plus the bride receives gifts that lasts a lifetime. 


  • All Brides receive a complementary personalized memory plate


  • Why not let the bride choose her gifts off the shelf during the party? Wouldn't it be fun to know her colors and paint items she will love while having a memorable shower? 
  • Glaze Craze has many fun and functional household products that the bride is sure to cherish from her friends for decades to come.
  • All groups with 5+ guests receive a 10% discount on all pieces.
  • Refreshments and food are welcome.

All party packages include the following party supplies: 

A personalized-signed party plate, invitations, balloons, paper products, plates, cups, napkins, and utensils.  All supplies are provided with a $25 party reservation fee.